Kaspersky introduces Industrial CyberSecurity solution


Security firm Kaspersky Lab today announced a new, specialized security solution, aimed at critical infrastructure and industrial facilities.

The solution, called Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity, is built to protect technological processes in industrial environments from cyber-attacks because, as the company says, these threats now have the potential to cross the realms, from the virtual one into the physical one, threatening not only businesses, but humanity and nature, as well.

The solution is aimed for today’s industrial facilities such as nuclear power plants, refineries and assembly lines, facilities which require, as Kaspersky puts it, "faultless continuity and consistency of the technological process".

Another problem industrial facilities are faced with are strict regulations and compliance issues, which can lead to unprotected critical systems, Kaspersky says. Therefore, their system covers all of that.

It combines conventional security such as anti-malware, whitelisting and vulnerability assessment, and pairs it with technologies designed specifically to protect industrial environments, including Integrity check for PLC programs, Semantic monitoring of process control commands and Telemetry data.

There’s also the Observability Mode, which is designed only to detect cyber-attacks, operation personnel faults and anomalies which can occur inside the network.

"Today, the cybersecurity of industrial systems and critical infrastructures is of vital importance. An increasing number of such systems are using devices and channels that interact with the outside world", said Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky.

"Sometimes they use equipment that was never intended for external access, not to mention software that was created decades ago and has not been upgraded since! This is a very serious issue because not only is the continuity of the production process at stake; the environment and even human lives can be at risk. Our solution is capable of ensuring the cybersecurity of the technology cycle at all levels of automated process control. We are also actively cooperating with manufacturers of automation systems in order to develop equipment that takes new cybersecurity standards and requirements into consideration".

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