Nearly half of OS X devs want to learn Swift

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Almost a quarter (25 percent) of OS X developers don’t use file sharing in the cloud -- at all, according to a new survey.

German-based Fournova surveyed more than 7,000 OS X developers in more than 100 countries to see which tools, services and technologies are the most popular ones.


Of those developers that do use cloud for file sharing, Dropbox is the number one solution, with Google Drive being the leading intranet and documentation solution. Besides a quarter of developers not using cloud, the report also says Full-Stack Web, Mobile, and Web Frontend are the most popular areas for them, while JavaScript, CSS, and PHP are the dominant programming languages.

In the future, almost a half of developers would love to learn Swift, it was said. It is also interesting to notice that two-thirds (66 percent) contribute to the Open Source community, where Git seems to be the most popular version control system.

For code hosting, GitHub is the number one spot, and Trello is used for task management among 33 percent of them.

Most developers on OS X are in either small, or medium-sized companies, and more than half of them are working from home, either part time or full time, signaling a strong shift towards remote working.

Out of those working in the office, more than 50 percent would prefer working from home, the report said. The report also says that despite all the interruptions office life is faced with today, the majority of developers spend more than half of their workday actually programming.

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