Demand for open source talent on the rise

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Open source talent is in high demand when it comes to recruiting new technology experts, and this trend is only going to grow, new reports say.

According to the latest 2016 Open Source Jobs Report, 59 percent of hiring managers will increase the number of open source talent in their organization within the next six months.


What’s more, 65 percent of managers said this part of their business is set to grow more than any other, and 79 percent said they’re doing more to keep their current professionals.

DevOps seems to be the most wanted skill, with 59 percent of hiring managers looking for such professionals, and networking has become the leading emergent technology.

The report was created by Dice, a career site for technology and engineering professionals, in cooperation with The Linux Foundation, the non-profit advancing professional open source management for mass collaboration.

"Demand for open source talent is growing and companies struggle to find experienced professionals to fill open roles", said Bob Melk, president of Dice. "Rising salaries for open source professionals indicate companies recognize the need to attract, recruit and retain qualified open source professionals on a global scale".

"It’s a seller’s market and it’s only going to get more beneficial for open source professionals", said Jim Zemlin, executive director at the Linux Foundation. "As more and more open source projects are developed, open source professionals will need to update their skillsets with knowledge and experience including DevOps and networking. Ongoing training and certifications will be the key to growing their expertise and keeping a competitive edge".

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