Grover Podcast is a smart podcast manager for Windows 10


You’re running Windows 10, enjoy browsing podcasts, but really don’t want to install the bulky iTunes? Grover Podcast is a free, easy-to-use Windows 10 app which covers all the podcast basics -- and more -- and just might have everything you need.


The app opens in a "My Podcasts" area, initially empty, but it doesn’t have to stay that way for long. In a click or two you can be entering feed URLs, or maybe importing an OPML file if you’re already managing podcasts elsewhere.

Alternatively, entering a keyword in the iTunes API-integrated Search box should get you plenty of hits from the Podcast Store.

If not, browse various categories (Arts, Business, Comedy, Sports, more), subscribe to whatever you like and it’ll be added to "My Podcasts" for easier access later.

Select a podcast and play it locally, or click "cast to device" to stream it elsewhere.

Smart management tools mean it’s all very easy to use. The app can display a system notification when a new podcast is available, download new files as they appear, even remove them automatically once they’ve been played -- all you have to do is click, and listen.

Grover Podcast is a free app for Windows 10.

4 Responses to Grover Podcast is a smart podcast manager for Windows 10

  1. BoltmanLives says:
  2. nilst2011 says:

    Why use ridicilous and useless apps on a high end desktop ?

    • BoltmanLives says:

      Apps are not all useless on desktop..I use package tracker, Hacked ? LunaSoCal and more everyday

  3. I'd probably just use iTunes

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