Older workers can handle new technology

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The stereotype of older people having trouble using new technology is nothing more than that -- a stereotype. At least, according to a new report by Dropbox and Ipsos Mori. The two companies surveyed more than 4,000 workers aged 55 and more about their use of technology in the workplace.

The results will most definitely be surprising to some.


Older workers use, on average, 4.9 forms of technology per week. An overall average is 4.7. They also find using technology in the workplace less stressful than their younger colleagues. Only a quarter of this workgroup found tech in the workplace stressful, compared to 36 percent of 18 - 34 year-olds.

It was also said that older workers experience less problems working with multiple devices, with only 13 percent reporting such issues, compared to 37 percent among the younger people.

"At the Institute for Collaborative Working, we believe the development of collaborative working skills is fundamental for employees to achieve successful business outcomes", says Les Pyle, chief executive at the Institute for Collaborative Working.

"We encourage organizations to ensure employees of all ages work with collaborative tools and they receive adequate training in order to do so. In fact, this is enshrined within the international BS 11000 the Collaborative Working Standard".

The full report can be found on this link.

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