Napster's back! (soon)


Taking more than a little inspiration from Game of Thrones, music streaming service Rhapsody has announced a rebranding. 'Napster is coming', proclaims the Rhapsody blog. This is a name that should be very familiar, particularly to old-school pirates.

Napster is a name deeply entrenched in P2P history, but turned its back on its naughty ways following its acquisition by Roxio and then Best Buy. Five years ago, Rhapsody swallowed up Napster and now the company feels it's time to revive the name.

There's not a lot of information available at the moment, but Rhapsody is quick to reassure users that it's just the name that's changing, Napster will remain a paid-for-service in exactly the same way as Rhapsody -- sorry to be the bearer of bad news, freeloaders.

As Rhapsody puts it:

No changes to your playlists, favorites, albums, and artists. Same music. Same service. Same price. 100% the music you love. Stay tuned!

Watch this space for details of when the change is happening.

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