Nest expands views for Farsight on its thermostats


When Nest first launched its thermostat it had very clear views of what people wanted to see. You can view the current temperature in your home as well as the target temperature. Clicking it can show the outside temperature and humidity, among other things.

With the third generation, the company released Farsight. The thermostat lights up when it sees you, basically motion detection. It shows you all the relevant information then goes dark again, presumably to save a bit of power.

Now the Alphabet-owned maker is rolling out improved views for the Farsight feature. The updates are based on customer feedback.

People wanted to see the temperature in large digits to be visible across the room. Now that's possible, as well as a clock which can be either digital or analog.

There are also better views of the energy history usage, which brings the device more in line with what can be found in the mobile app.

Nest concludes "We’re always working to make the Nest Thermostat -- and all our products -- better. And not just future versions. Automatic, over-the-air software updates let us add new features to the Nest products already in our customers’ homes. So they keep getting more thoughtful. Sometimes it can take a few weeks for updates to make it to every Nest Thermostat. If you don’t see the new Farsight views on your thermostat right away, hang tight. We’re working to get the latest software out to everyone".

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