Microsoft badmouths Chrome's battery life as Windows 10 message urges switching to Edge


Microsoft has been shouting about Edge a lot as of late. Not happy with claiming that it is the most battery-friendly of the main web browsers, the company has also made much of Edge's 1080p support for Netflix.

In the latest twist, Microsoft switches tack, instead using pop up messages in Windows 10 to badmouth Chrome and promote Edge. The pop up rams home the idea that Chrome is a battery hog and suggests switching to Microsoft Edge to increase longevity.

This is not the first time Microsoft has used Windows 10 to advertise apps -- don’t forget promoted apps in the Start menu -- but it is the most aggressive advertising of its own software within its operating system. Software developer Rudy Huyn grabbed a screenshot of the offending message and posted it to Twitter:

Microsoft is yet to comment on the appearance of the message, but it would be interesting to hear how many readers have seen this appear on their own computer.

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