New platform detects mobile threats at the app level

Mobile app threats

Increased reliance on mobile devices opens enterprises up to a new range of threats. While mobile management solutions can do a good job of protecting the device, it's harder to guard against attacks on individual apps.

Mobile security company Appmobi is launching a new solution that detects and resolves attacks at the app level.

Appmobi Protection Center uses machine learning coupled with an IT-defined rules engine to analyze and process millions of events per minute. It compares behavior to existing profiles, and recognizes attacks in real time to automatically remedy any potential threat. This provides IT teams with visibility into in-app activity, app threat identification and remediation, and app compliance, while at the same time providing cost savings for companies.

"Security and compliance of mobile apps is challenging. EMM Suites have become the mobile app security solutions of choice for many enterprise IT organizations, and while these solutions work great at broadly protecting enterprises, they are extremely limited when it comes to protecting individual apps on a user's device, which may come under attack," says Mark Stutzman, CEO of Appmobi. "Protection Center was developed to give IT leadership an easy-to-implement, app level solution that offers granular tracking and analysis of in-app activity, identifies security threats, and can take steps to resolve it in real time. We created Appmobi Protection Center to deliver a new level of easily implemented mobile app security that works with existing EMM installations or as a stand-alone mobile security solution. We believe we have accomplished that and more with Appmobi Protection Center".

Features include tracking of a range of app activities with the ability to easily assign protections based on a single activity or chain of activities. Event activities can be selected for tracking based on specific use cases.

All rules, default or custom, are fully editable and extensible as required by an organization. There's also full logging and reporting on all rules that have triggered a protection to avert potential security threats. Pre-defined automatic protections like wiping application data, forcing key rotation, disabling APIs, etc can be triggered for the most severe threat types.

You can find out more about Protection Center on the Appmobi website.

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