I've switched from Amazon Fire TV to Roku 3 and I like it... for now


Its been two and half years since I parted ways with DirecTV. It wasn't them, I honestly loved the service, but I was paying for countless channels I never watched. I replaced it with Hulu Plus and Sling TV and now pay much less for fewer channels I don't watch. I have the same few I flick between, but without al-a-carte this is the best I can do.

Recently a system problem eliminated one of my options -- not the TV channels, but how I view them. I'd been predominantly using an Amazon Fire TV along with a Harmony remote. The remote stopped connecting to its hub and no fix I could think of worked. The batteries in my Fire TV remote were dead and I had no spare AAA ones lying around. Similarly, the Roku 3 batteries were also history, but I did have the required AA ones.

Given that my only option was Roku, I made the switch. I mostly use Sling TV and I quickly noticed it starts up much faster. I had to set it up, along with setting up Hulu, but that was an easy hurdle to clear.

I am yet to set up Amazon Prime on it, though that is coming soon and I expect it also will be easy. Just a matter of entering login information.

In the meantime, I've obtained a new Harmony Elite which I plan to set up in the next few days and I'll write about switching your setup from one remote to the other, though it should be a simple process.

The question of whether I go back to Amazon Fire TV is a bigger one. There are things I like better about it -- the menu for example. There are things I like less, such as the speed of launching things like Sling TV. At the moment I'm really on the fence with this one. What would you do?

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