US launches website to share open-source software code

The US government has just launched its latest website, with the aim of preventing the replication of code across government agencies in order to conserve valuable time and resources.

The site, which was launched on Thursday, already contains almost 50 open-source projects from a number of government agencies. is the product of the Federal Source Code policy that was first announced in August by the White House.


The site's goal is to provide new custom source code that can be reused across government agencies to cut down on replicating code which is a waste of government expenses and time. The public will also benefit as a result of since government agencies are required to make some of the software they create available under an open-source license.

US CIO Tony Scott released a blog post in which he offered more details on the new site, saying: “Built in the open, the newly-launched already boasts access to nearly 50 open source projects from over 10 agencies – and we expect this number to grow over the coming months as agencies work to implement the Federal Source Code Policy.”

Some of the agencies that have already listed projects on the site include the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, NASA, the office of the President, the Environmental Protection Agency, General Services Administration, along with the department of commerce, energy, labor, treasury and veteran affairs.

According to the Federal Source Code Policy, custom-developed code will not be available on and the site will instead allow users to discover code that is available for either federal reuse or open-source software. Each government agency will have its own inventory of code that will clearly indicate how the code it developed can be used.

Scott continued: "We're excited about today's launch, and envision becoming yet another creative platform that gives citizens the ability to participate in making government services more effective accessible, and transparent".

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