Wi-Fi is more important than sex

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Which of these would you consider a daily essential: sex, chocolate, alcohol or Wi-Fi? If you depressingly chose the fourth and final answer, then you probably are a mobile professional, according to a new iPass report, the iPass Mobile Professional Report 2016.

The report surveyed 1,700 mobile professionals, and 40 percent of them choose Wi-Fi. Thirty-seven percent choose sex, 14 percent chocolate and nine percent chose alcohol.  When asked why they gave such answers, three quarters (75 per cent) say having Wi-Fi improves the quality of their life.

Almost two thirds (63 percent) prefer using Wi-Fi over mobile data, and three quarters (75 percent) say data is more important than talking minutes, when choosing a mobile plan.

"We all want to stay connected and productive in our personal and professional lives. Mobile professionals, in particular, expect to remain connected at all times, whether at home, traveling between client meetings, at their hotel or even inflight", says Patricia Hume, chief commercial officer of iPass.

"We all want Wi-Fi first, because of faster speeds, lower prices and the better user experience it affords. And with the population of global mobile workers standing well over one billion, employers should be prepared to meet the demands of their employees, by providing them with the connectivity they desire".

Wi-Fi has become a travel essential, as well, but the problem with security when accessing unknown networks remains big. Two thirds (66 percent) say they were worried about data security when using Wi-Fi hotspots, but 42 percent say they’ll use public networks to access company data nevertheless.

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