Finding your inner superhuman -- 2017 and beyond according to Samsung

Superhero city

2017 will be the year in which technology transforms our everyday lives and the way we communicate with others, according to electronics giant Samsung.

Among the company's predictions is machines set to become smart coaches based on what they understand from our behaviour. As our lives continue to be tracked or quantified by technology, smart machines will coach us based on the data they collect, suggesting things like changes to our diet based on our daily energy levels.

This will be enabled by a new generation of wearables incorporating seamless sensors that can detect mood and conditions, as well as boosting our performance and learning. Samsung also believes digital pills or ingestibles will come to the market allowing monitoring from the inside. This in turn means wearable sensors will track our chemical reactions to stress and give us coping tips, improving our overall well-being.

Technology will benefit older people too, allowing them to stay in touch, learn, create, enjoy a longer working life and better health-awareness, defying normal ageing assumptions. This will include the networking of families across generations using technology to talk, connect and coordinate how they live.

Looking further ahead, Samsung sees technology providing multi-sensory experiences to incorporate taste, smell and touch. It believes nanotechnology in the form of tiny quantum dot particles will cause a revolution in next-generation television technology. The nano crystals are able to semi-conduct to create colours depending on their size. Quantum dot technology is also set to improve healthcare where it could be used in bio imaging to treat cancer cells.

"At Samsung, we're driven by a desire to create a future that offers amazing possibilities which positively benefit everyone's lives. We anticipate a future where we will all progress beyond our natural limits to do what we were once told was impossible", says Camille Hammerer, head of Samsung Design Europe Trends. "We are moving on from a time when we feared and competed with new technology, as we enter a new age of emotionally advanced technology. Artificially intelligent products will become life coaches and we will explore ways to escape or amplify reality and deeper interactions through personal operating systems, giving people the extra power to go beyond their natural limits, or in effect, to become superhuman".

So, are you ready to become a technologically enhanced superhuman? Or would you rather stick with your old-fashioned biology?

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