Hackers find a way to install new games on NES Classic Edition


When Nintendo launched the NES Classic Edition there was much rejoicing from gamers of certain ages. But while 30 and 40-somethings may have been looking forward to reliving their youth playing classic games, there was some bad news -- the bundled 30 games were all you could play.

Nintendo saying that there was no way to add new games to the console was seen by some as a challenge. Now hackers have found a way to upload new games to the NES Classic via USB... but it's not a super-simple process.

The existence of emulators for just about every games console ever invented means that the method of extracting games from their discs, GamePaks, or cartridges is a fairly simple process. Now hackers in Russia and Japan have found a way to install them on the NES Classic Edition.

As revealed on the NES Classic Mods subreddit over on Reddit, "all" you need to do is ensure you have a game saved in the first Super Mario Bros slot, connect your console to your computer via USB, and then boot it into FEL mode and then following the remainder of the instructions which have been shared on Pastebin.

It pretty much goes without saying that you run the risk of damaging your NES Classic Edition, so it's up to you whether you decide to run through the process of flashing the console's kernel. If you do decide to go ahead, though, you can open up a whole new world of classic gaming!

Image credit: Shutterstock / Keith Homan

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