Get easy Wi-Fi discovery and surveying with NetSpot


NetSpot is a free tool for discovering local wireless devices and creating color-coded heatmaps.

Launch the program and it immediately detects all your local Wi-Fi devices, displaying their details in a table: SSID, BSSOD, Signal (current/ min/ max/ average), band, level, width, vendor, security, mode, and when it was last seen.

Clicking any column header sorts by that field. For example, clicking "Channel" groups devices by their channel, helping you spot competition and conflicts.

This isn’t just about static figures. NetSpot displays tiny signal graphs within the table, giving you a quick view of possible performance issues.

Double-clicking any device shows graphs and tables of its signal over time, along with other interesting details (when and if the channel and security were last changed).

There’s also a separate Survey mode which enables collecting and displaying Wi-Fi data on custom maps.

NetSpot is a freeware package for Windows 7 and later, and free-for-personal-use on the Mac.

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