Instagram ups security with two-factor authentication


Just about every app and online service offer two-factor authentication (2FA) as a security measure these days, and Instagram is the latest to join the party.


After numerous instances of hacking for other services, it's little surprise that Instagram wants to offer its users an extra level of protection. Once enabled, users are required to enter a six-digit code that is sent to their mobile via SMS, greatly eliminating the risk of unauthorized access.

If you want to take advance of the new feature -- which is disabled by default -- there's no need to wait to download an update to the app, as everything is handled server side. Start by firing up the app and head to your profile tab.

Hit the gear icon to go to Settings, and then tap Two-Factor Authentication. Enable the Require Security Code toggle and a confirmation code will be sent out to your phone. If your phone number is incorrect, now is the time to change it!

As a precautionary measure, such as when you are in an area without phone signal and you're therefor unable to receive text messages, Instagram provides you with a number of "Backup Codes" which you are invited to screengrab "just in case". Just be careful with them!

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