Microsoft wins Supreme Court case about scratched Xbox 360 discs


With staggeringly coincidental timing, just as Microsoft revealed its upcoming Xbox One X console, the company received some great news from the US Supreme Court. In an 8-0 decision, the court overturned an earlier ruling in what has become a complex and lengthy case.

What originally started off as a fairly simple case around a decade ago about game discs scratched by Xbox 360 consoles, has evolved into quite a different beast. The latest ruling means that a case that was to be brought collectively by tens of thousands of gamers cannot be granted class action status.

What this means for Microsoft is that it is now not going to face the heftier legal implications and repercussions that can stem from a class action lawsuit. In all likelihood, it also signals the end of the legal action. Having been denied class action status, the only course left open to those complaining about scratched discs is for each of them to file cases individually.

While the initial complaint tried to suggest that game discs were getting scratched because of a design flaw with the Xbox 360, Microsoft argued that this could not be the case or the number of affected users would be greater. As it stands, just 0.4 percent of Xbox 360 owners reported the issue, and Microsoft suggests that the scratches could be explained by owner misuse -- and the courts agreed.

The latest ruling has been posted on the Supreme Court website.

Image credit: Valentina Razumova / Shutterstock

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