Cyber security is more important than Brexit in boardroom talks

Boardroom security

Cyber security is a top concern in the boardroom, to the point where it’s a more important issue than Brexit. That's according to a new report from Radware examining the state of cyber security across the US and Europe.

The study shows that in 85 percent of cases security threats are now being discussed on a board level. Almost all of them (94 percent) see cyber security as a top priority, and two thirds (62 percent) see it as "extremely important." This figure is up nine percent, compared to last year.

To combat the threat, more and more executives are turning towards artificial intelligence and automated security. Eighty percent of execs are relying even more on such systems, and a third trusts them more than humans.

More than half (56 percent) experienced a cyber-attack in the last 12 months, the report says. Radware’s security industry survey says 98 percent of security professionals all over the world reported being attacked at least once in 2016.

Europe seems to be under more attacks, but Radware believes that the US has a more "mature model" of detection, while Europe has more "stringent reporting requirements."

Pascal Geenens, Radware EMEA security evangelist, believes that turning towards AI and automated cyber defense solutions is the natural next step given the advanced attacks that cyber attackers now employ: "The findings show that many victims thought they had the correct security measures in place to protect their business, but the reality is that the nature of the threats is constantly evolving and hackers are exploiting tools such as the Mirai or Brickerbot botnets that didn’t even exist when they last reviewed their security defenses."

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