OnePlus 5 TV ad shows India the upcoming smartphone in full


It feels as though we've been waiting a long time for the arrival of the OnePlus 5, but the big day is finally upon us -- the smartphone launches tomorrow. There have been a huge number of leaks about the latest version of the flagship killer, teasing us with little glimpses of what to expect. But now a TV ad has aired in India that reveals everything.

Shown during the India vs Pakistan cricket final, the ad gave an unfettered view of the OnePlus 5 to millions of people. This is the first official render we've seen of the phone... and it’s looking good. As the ad was shown in India, it makes reference to June 22; the Indian launch date is two days later than other parts of the world.

The ad is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it seven seconds long, and the phone only appears in the final second or so. But we do see the handset front, back and side, and it confirms that (most) of the leaks we've seen have been correct, and gives a little more detail to supplement the coy glimpses OnePlus has given us of the hardware so far.

Check out the ad below:

OnePlus India also took to Twitter to further whip up its fans into a frenzy with the possibility of a free OnePlus 5:

Not long to wait now...

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