Newest Motorola Moto Mod is a 360-degree camera


Motorola, which has been aggressively marketing its snap-on phone accessories as its uniquely identifying attribute in the crowded smartphone market, is working on a 360-degree camera that will work with any device that supports other so-called "Moto Mods."

The new accessory was unveiled at a press event in Ghana (because where else?), though it came with scant few other details.

The apparent official product photo above, as brought to light internationally by reporter Evan Blass, shows that the device snaps on just like any other mod, which means it should be compatible with any recent Motorola Android phone, all of which are molded to fit into the growing and increasingly interesting market of phone peripherals.

After having been briefly owned by Google, Motorola Mobility (now owned by Lenovo) has tried to find a unique voice in a sea flooded by Samsung and Apple. That led to the Moto Mod market -- which the company company has desperately tried to make sure are not perceived as gimmicky add-ons, a characteristic that plagues the world of mobile accessories.

Motorola has distanced itself from this perception by only offering high-end (sometimes exorbitantly so) devices, like the DLP projector and Hasselblad camera zoom lens enhancements which each carry a list price of $300.

The 360-degree camera will no doubt fit into that mold. It will also be a direct competitor to Samsung's Gear 360 brand, which is quickly becoming the go-to option for 360-degree and virtual reality photography enthusiasts on a budget.

To that end, no price has been announced for the new Motorola camera. Nor has it been officially announced for released in the US, although it should only be a matter of time before that happens.

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