Google wants to get devs to embrace quantum computing

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Google wants developers and scientists to build tools and write code for its quantum computer, and is making its high-powered platform available online.

According to a Bloomberg news report, Google is aiming to commercialize quantum computers, and turn them into an extremely powerful cloud-computing service.

In its report, Bloomberg cities a Google presentation slide which details the company's "Embryonic quantum data center," as well as the ProjectQ -- an open-source effort to get devs to write code.

"They’re pretty open that they’re building quantum hardware and they would, at some point in the future, make it a cloud service," Peter McMahon, a quantum computing researcher at Stanford University told Bloomberg.

Ever since their inception, quantum computers have been capturing the imagination of the public, often being hard to explain or grasp. Unlike traditional computers, which process parts of information as 1s or 0s, quantum computers work on qubits, or tiny particles that can essentially be both at the same time. That gives quantum computers potentially incredible processing speed, compared to traditional machines.

However, the technology is still in its early stages. The machines are currently quite big and demand advanced cooling technologies, which is why it’s logical we’ll be seeing them in rented data centers, and not (yet) purchased by businesses.

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