Resilio Sync enables you to sync and share files without the cloud


There are many cloud-based synchronization services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync and others. These services all use the same method of synchronizing your files. Choose the data you want across your computers and the content is uploaded to the cloud and then made available across your other devices.

The issue here can be if you don't have fast broadband, making uploading huge files problematic. The answer is a peer-to-peer service where your data remains on one device whilst it’s synchronized to others, whether you own these devices or they are authorized users.

Resilio Sync is free P2P technology from the developers of BitTorrent, so you know it’s already using secure tried-and-tested technology. Simply choose the folders and files you want to keep between devices and Resilio Sync will do the rest. Make a change to one of these files and Resilio will make sure it’s updated across your devices.

With Resilio Pro, you can also share large files with other users using the "One Time Send" function, without having to send the data by email (which is often limited to a 10MB attachment). Ideal for remote workers -- simply edit the file on your computer and then make it available to other authorized users directly from your device. They can then edit the same file on their computer and share it back with yourself.

The interesting angle with Resilio is that it has desktop, smartphone and NAS drive install options, so you can even synchronize data between your network drive and laptop.

Resilio Sync is free with limited functionality (no One Time Send, no Selective Sync option). A Pro Home is available for a one-time $59.99 purchase. Resilio Sync Business Basic Business plan is $29/month for 5 users with 2 devices. Business Plus is $79/month for 20 users with 3 devices, whilst Business Premium is $199/month for 60 users with an unlimited number of devices.

Download Resilio Sync for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Smartphone downloads are available from the Resilio website.

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