Joe Belfiore admits Windows Phone is dead -- only bug fixes and security updates to come for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft launches Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones

Joe Belfiore has finally admitted what we have all known for some time: The Windows Phone dream is dead. Microsoft's Corporate Vice President for Windows used Twitter to make it clear that Windows 10 Mobile will receive "bug fixes, security updates, etc," but adds that "building new features/hw aren't the focus."

Asked by Twitter users whether it is time for people to abandon Windows mobile devices once and for all, Belfiore said that while support will remain in place for those who decide to hang around, he himself has already moved on.

The problem -- as if there was ever any question -- is apps. Microsoft failed to convince enough developers that Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile were viable platforms, leading to the famous "app gap" that plagues those who choose to stick with Microsoft rather than moving to Android or iOS. Belfiore reveals that Microsoft paid money and even wrote apps for developers to help incentivize them, but it was simply not enough:

But when the former face of Windows 10 Mobile has moved on, it's probably time for those few remaining hangers-on to do the same:

So there you have it. The words "Windows 10 Mobile is dead," may not have passed Belfiore's lips, but they might as well have done.

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