F-Secure combines AI and human expertise in new security offering

Artificial intelligence

It's no longer enough to just protect the perimeter in order to keep systems secure. It's now necessary to catch file-less attacks, privilege escalation and a whole range of other tactics.

The problem for smaller businesses is they often don't have the expertise in house to handle the range of threats.

Finnish security company F-Secure is launching a new endpoint detection and response solution that solves this problem by combining industry-leading security expertise with the latest technologies to help organizations catch advanced tactics used by attackers.

"Well-maintained security perimeters are great for commodity threats, but targeted attackers are usually prepared to get through these barriers. And we're at a turning point where organizations are being forced to confront the fact that getting breached is not a question of if, it's a question of when," says F-Secure’s executive vice president of cyber security products and services, Jyrki Tulokas. "But the upside of this is that organizations willing to face this reality with the right security capabilities have a game-changing opportunity to get an edge over attackers."

F-Secure Rapid Detection and Response combines lightweight endpoint sensors with advanced data analysis capabilities, powered by artificial intelligence created, operated, and continuously refined by F-Secure, to monitor endpoints for malicious activity. When it detects an advanced threat, it provides IT teams or their managed service providers with guidance on how to respond. It can also be configured to automatically implement measures to contain an attack.

Organizations also have the option to receive additional support from a local partner -- trained, certified and supported by F-Secure's experts -- so that they can escalate difficult cases to help them stop the attack and get back to business.

The artificial intelligence used in the product is modeled against real cyber attacks and taught to recognize malicious behavior by learning what normal behavior looks like first. Any unusual action receives additional AI-based analysis to eliminate the false positives that can overwhelm and distract responders, allowing organizations to quickly and efficiently pinpoint malicious activity before data breaches happen.

More information is available on the F-Secure website.

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