Business use of machine data analytics growing faster than expected

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New research commissioned by cloud-native analytics platform Sumo Logic from 451 Research, reveals that the degree to which non-IT roles and functions are using machine data analytics for business value is growing faster than anticipated.

The findings show the more software-centric a company is, the more likely it is to have 100+ people who use machine data analytics at least once a week, indicating that these companies are recognizing the value of machine data analytics.

These businesses are also more likely to have line-of-business users integrating machine data with data from BI tools, to gain the visibility they need to drive business KPIs. More than 30 percent of respondents reported roles outside of IT and security using machine data analytics, these include product managers, customer support, data scientists, the CEO and BI analysts.

In addition 54 percent of survey respondents say their companies are already using machine data tools for business insight, and 50 percent are using these tools specifically to support the end-user experience.

However, 44 percent report that the adoption of modern technologies like containers and microservices makes it more challenging to get the data they need for quick decision-making, underscoring the need for analytics tools to evolve to meet the demands of new, distributed, modern application architectures.

Alongside the survey results Sumo Logic is also announcing new platform capabilities to make it easier to automate, manage and gain business insights from microservices-based, modern application architectures that use containers, such as Docker, and orchestration software, like Kubernetes and Amazon EKS.

"The world is moving from generic solutions to personalized ones that address very specific customer pain points, and this requires an agile and flexible platform built for the cloud," says Bruno Kurtic, founding VP of product and strategy at Sumo Logic. "Legacy analytics tools have failed organizations because they can no longer deliver the visibility needed to support the investment customers are making in modern architectures at cloud scale. The new enhancements to Sumo Logic's platform not only provide real-time access to machine data analytics as a service, but also make data easily accessible to everyone enabling organizations to leverage these insights to drive better experiences for their customers."

You can find out more and download the report from the Sumo Logic website.

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