Microsoft is porting Sysinternals utilities to Linux, starting with ProcDump

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Microsoft has embraced Linux more and more over the years, and the latest demonstration of this is the company's decision to port the free Sysinternals utilities to work on the platform.

The first tool to make its way to Linux is ProcDump, which can be used to create crash dumps. While not as feature-rich as the Windows version, the Linux port is still a valuable tool. And, importantly, there are more Systinternals tools making their way to Linux.

Systinternals software long-proved popular with Windows users. So much so, that over a decade ago Microsoft decided to buy the company behind it -- Winternals. Now the process of making things Linux-friendly is underway.

Over on GitHub, you'll find ProcDump-for-Linux, as announced by David Fowler from Microsoft:

Microsoft's Mario Hewardt went on to reveal the company's plans to port more Sysinternals utilities:

Image credit: Bumble Dee / Shutterstock

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