Find out where you came from with this Cyber Monday deal on Ancestry DNA

Forget Black Friday, Cyber Monday is now the biggest shopping day of the year. Amazon is shipping millions of packages per day and many other companies are offering deals, including some you may not expect.


One you may not have thought of concerns your family history. I’m not talking about sending you to cemeteries, archives and historical societies, although I recommend that if you really want to dig into things. We’re just talking the basics here, which is where in the world your family originated from.

Today only, Ancestry DNA is offering its kit for just $49.99, as opposed to the usual $99.99. The analysis, once submitted, can open up a lot of doors to things you didn’t know. Don’t judge your heritage by your surname and say you’re Italian, Irish or the like -- it's usually a mix, some of it surprising.

There are a few things to know going in. First, you’ll need an Ancestry account (it’s free), second, you’ll wait a week or so for the kit to be sent, third, remember to register it before you get started. After that, you’ll just need some saliva to fill the vial. Finally, mix in the solution, cap it and mail it off. Results can take 6-8 weeks.

Grab the deal today and you’ll have some interesting answers in a couple of months. You never know what you may find.

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