Add an additional layer of website security with the Emsisoft Browser Extension

Although we’d regard ourselves as technically proficient, even we can get caught out online. Over the New Year period we were searching for a product from a reputable brand, seeking the best price available through Google search.

Browsing through the shopping results, we found an official store which sold this brand and was offering a discounted new year sale. Looked legit. But the discount was too high and it was tricky to find any definitive location information. The online store was either selling fake products or simply extracting funds with no intention of shipping. Most people trust sources such as Google Search, but unless individuals report fake or phishing websites, it’s easy to get caught out.

Emsisoft Browser Security is a brand new extension for both Chrome and Firefox that will offer you an additional layer of protection against malicious websites. The extension pulls most of its data from various phishing feeds but also allows users to report dodgy sites.

The browser extension will also help you avoid phishing attempts by email. Click on what looks like a legitimate email, the Emsisoft Browser Security extension will warn you before you even reach the end page, by checking against the URL within the email.

At this stage, the extension is only available for Chrome and Firefox users, but Emsisoft is working on a version for Edge. Emsisoft also points out that no personal data is sent back to the company when you use the extension or report potential illegitimate websites.

The browser extension is also part of the latest Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2018.12.1.

Download Emsisoft Browser Security for Chrome or Firefox.

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