CISOs must change their outlook or lose their jobs

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Chief information security officers (CISOs) are now involved in 90 percent of significant business decisions, but just 25 percent of business executives see CISOs as proactively enabling digital transformation -- which is a key goal for 89 percent of organizations.

These are among the findings of a new study by IDC sponsored by Capgemini  but which also shows 15 percent still believe information security is a blocker of innovation.


At present, less than 25 percent of business executives think CISOs proactively enable digital transformation. To stay relevant, CISOs must become business enablers. They need to adopt business mindsets and push digital transformation forward, not react to it. Those that fail to adopt a business mindset will be replaced by more forward-thinking players.

Attitudes are changing, however, with 69 percent believing information security has become more important in their organization over the last three years. The influence of CISOs is getting stronger too as 80 percent of business executives and CISOs think their personal influence has improved in the last three years. More than 60 percent of organizations now have CISOs attending key board and executive management meetings and they are now involved in 90 percent of medium or high influence boardroom decisions.

Capgemini's analysis is that the perception of CISOs within businesses is greatly improving, but that they now need to become more strategic and business-minded. They need to empower businesses to make decisions more quickly and more securely, rather than trying to stop security breaches. The traditional CISO role is disappearing, and CISOs need to adapt or be replaced.

You can find out more on the Capgemini website and register for a webinar to discuss the findings to be held on February 19th.

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