New tool aims to improve the effectiveness of workforce communication


At a time when there's intense competition in the jobs market, the importance of workforce communication in employee engagement is often overlooked.

San Francisco-based communications platform SocialChorus is launching a new tool called Content Planner that gives organizations a single place to plan their content strategies and measure the impact of employee communications.


"Marketers and sales teams have long benefited from tools to assist in their strategic planning, collaboration and measurement, but resources for internal communicators to take this same approach have often lagged behind," says Tim Christensen, chief technology officer at SocialChorus. "By helping organizations more strategically plan and execute their communications and engagement strategies, we're improving the experience and impact for communicators, employees and the business alike."

Features of Content Planner include predictive performance tools that show the estimated reach and impact of posts based on targeting, day of the week and past performance, letting communicators take a proactive approach to optimizing their communications.

It also makes it easy to review content plans -- by month, week or day -- and adjust scheduled communications from one place. Collaboration features give communications teams the ability to easily coordinate on content reviews, assign posts to another author and share notes.

Teams can view past performance metrics, from overall content performance down to how specific posts did, to identify patterns, see what specific content or days performed well and make decisions about the future.

Content Planner can provides ideas and inspiration about what to write and share too, with a new collection of events and topics related to each calendar day.

You can find out more on the SocialChorus website.

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