AI-driven platform brings automation to field service organizations

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As technology becomes increasingly complex and more devices are connected to the IoT, so the volume and complexity of field service requests increases too.

To help deal with this, automation company Zinier is launching its new Intelligent Service Automation and Control (ISAC) platform, an AI-driven solution enabling field service organizations to operate more efficiently.


The ISAC platform uses machine learning to analyze data and provide real-time insights, driving productivity and enabling customers to inject automation into the service delivery chain. By comparing a constant flow of field data against historical trends, ISAC can recommend the best course of action at any given time. Plus, because it has a flexible, open architecture, customers can easily apply AI to specific use cases, for example recommending a stock transfer by predicting the parts required for a work order and an individual technician’s parts on-hand.

"Most companies are looking for ways to drive automation and turn data into actionable insights, but execution remains a challenge," says Arka Dhar, co-founder and CEO of Zinier. "With ISAC, we're helping our customers fully embrace automation by giving them a highly configurable tool that can be applied to their specific needs, driving efficiency and providing recommendations based on real-time data and user feedback."

ISAC has been designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. Instead of being limited to a few use cases, customers can easily configure the features to apply AI to their own operations by defining criteria and letting ISAC evaluate data accordingly.

Because ISAC is constantly running in the background observing user actions it can provide real-time recommendations. In some cases, ISAC will immediately implement a recommendation once it's been accepted by the user. In other cases, it will suggest a course of action for a back-office coordinator or field technician.

Organizations can also connect to their critical systems using Zinier's set of APIs and integrations, ensuring that all relevant information is factored into each recommendation and insight.

You can find out more on the Zinier website.

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