New tool helps protect sensitive data on Oracle databases

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With GDPR in effect and privacy regulations being planned in other parts of the world, many organizations are looking at their database management to ensure stored data is complaint and doesn’t threaten the business.

For Oracle users, Quest Software is launching its Toad for Oracle -- Sensitive Data Protection (SDP) Module. This allows database admins to to detect and receive notification of personally identifiable information (PII) data residing in databases, select encryption and redaction options immediately after detection, and perform ongoing monitoring


"Manual methods to identify personal data are ineffective and put companies at risk. When non-compliance penalties for GDPR can cost millions of dollars, companies can’t afford to be non-compliant," says Venkat Rajaji, VP product management of information management at Quest Software. "DBAs often spend hours manually searching their databases for potentially sensitive data, and Toad for Oracle SDP completely automates the process to identify sensitive data reliably and quickly. This saves DBAs time and organizations money, while providing peace of mind that the data stored across the database infrastructure meets compliance requirements."

Designed specifically for Oracle DBAs, Toad for Oracle SDP scans metadata and table data to identify personal and sensitive data, then works with Oracle’s encryption, redaction and auditing technologies to protect data, with capabilities to automate and schedule the identification process. It simplifies and automates tasks related to identifying and protecting sensitive data in the database and, as a result, help DBAs implement effective data protection policies and strategies.

It offers the ability to ability to search potentially sensitive data in the database based on a set of pre-defined and customizable rules, which provide search criteria based on common column-naming conventions (metadata) and data content formats (data polling). It allows DBAs to protect data identified by Toad as sensitive, based on the search rules specified, and applies data protection measures proactively as database objects are created.

You can find out more and get a free trial on the Quest website.

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