A traditional approach to security harms digital transformation efforts

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Half of security professionals who adopt a more traditional or reactive approach to their data protection and security don't believe they will reach their digital transformation goals in the next five years.

This is among the findings of a report from data protection company TITUS which conversely finds that nine out of 10 security professionals deploying a strategic approach believe their current efforts will address digital transformation needs within five years and that their organization would achieve its digital transformation goals in the same timescale.


"In speaking with organizations of all sizes, it's clear there are two approaches to security -- one where you view it as enabling your business, and one where you view it as a cost of doing business," says Jim Barkdoll, CEO of TITUS. "Adopting a strategic approach to security is a game changer for our customers, as they’re able to better define and quantify the value of their data protection and security initiatives to the entire organization, from the board of directors to individual lines of business. The survey results underline that viewing security proactively not only helps an organization's overall security posture and culture, but also becomes a competitive differentiator, particularly when it comes to digital transformation."

Those taking a strategic approach are more likely to say that their existing security infrastructure is up-to-date, with 64 percent indicating that they are early adopters of new technologies and 60 percent pursuing best-of-breed security solutions on an ongoing basis. Fewer than 40 percent of respondents adopting a traditional or more conservative stance to security and data protection identify themselves as early adopters, with 43 percent describing themselves as best-of-breed purchasers.

The strategic security professionals also tend to work with fewer vendors and fewer products in their security stack. More than 80 percent work with ten or fewer security vendors and 70 percent deploy ten or fewer solutions. This is in contrast to their more conservative and traditional counterparts, nearly a quarter of whom use more than 25 different security solutions.

You can read more about the findings on the TITUS site.

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