Sumo Logic launches threat benchmarking for AWS


As more and more apps and data move to the cloud, identifying and ranking threats becomes an increasingly difficult task.

Machine data analytics platform Sumo Logic is launching a new Global Intelligence Service for Amazon GuardDuty that delivers almost real-time actionable insights to allow customers to benchmark themselves against other adopters of Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, strengthen cloud security posture, improve threat detection, and enhance regulatory compliance.


"In today's hyper-connected world, organizations are facing rapidly evolving business requirements that demand them to completely rethink their architecture, IT environments and application stacks that comprise the backbone of their businesses," says Bruno Kurtic, founding vice president of product and strategy at Sumo Logic. "As a multi-tenant, cloud-native machine data analytics platform, Sumo Logic is uniquely positioned to deliver rich context into not only how our customers’ applications and infrastructure stack are performing and behaving, but also how that behavior and performance differs from best-in-class organizations. This level of insight helps customers identify unusual patterns, outlier events and key performance and risk indicators that impact application performance and availability, as well as critical threats that could adversely affect an organization's environment, or worse, their customers."

It analyzes globally active threats detected by the Amazon GuardDuty service to provide crucial insights and context into how an organization’s overall threat profile differs from industry peers, and identifies rare or critical threats operating in the organization's environment. For instance, Sumo Logic can detect and highlight threats that rarely occur globally but are actively operating inside a customer’s environment such as attempted communication with malware or other threats that might otherwise be hidden under a mountain of more common events.

You can find out more on the Sumo Logic site or visit the company's stand at AWS re:Inforce in Boston this week.

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