New platform simplifies the creation of interactive online guides


As we carry out more of our day-to-day tasks online, there's increasing demand for guides and tutorials to help users get the best from services and products. But creating these guides can be time consuming and take developer time away from other tasks.

A new platform called Stonly seeks to let anyone create easy-to-follow guides called 'Stonlies' without any need to write code. Content including text, images and videos can be combined with interactive capabilities to ensure the viewer only gets relevant information.


Alexis Fogel, Stonly's co-founder, explains, "Stonly solves two problems that every company has: explaining how their product or service works, and providing accurate and digestible user support information. Stonly also provides tremendous value to all content creators by letting anyone explain anything in a platform designed for step-by-step tutorials."

Stonly screen grab

As well as easy creation Stonly also offers detailed analytics to help assess the effectiveness of content. Stonlies can be embedded into nearly any platform including web pages, web applications, blogs, help centers, CRM software, and product management tools.

Stonly beta customers have reported up to a 25 percent reduction in user support tickets and a 20 percent improvement in first contact resolution.

You can learn more and sign up for a free trial on the Stonly site.

Image Credit: Ziven/Shutterstock

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