Chrome 77 makes it easy to send tabs from one device to another

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With the release of Chrome 77 -- which is rolling out right now to desktop and mobile platforms -- Google just made it a whole lot easier to send tabs between devices.

If you're reading a website on your laptop and want to finish off a story on your journey to work, there's no need to email a link to yourself anymore. Now you can easily bounce an open tab from your computer to your phone, from your phone to your computer, or between two computers -- all it takes is a few clicks.

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Chrome 77 is making its way to Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android, and the new tab sharing feature serves as a much better option than emailing or messaging links back and forth, or using the existing option of browsing open tabs on other devices you're signed into.

On the desktop, you can right-click a link or an open tab and then make a selection from the "Send to your devices" submenu. On mobile devices, the option can be accessed through the sharing feature.

It's a beautifully simple solution, and one that's so useful it makes you wonder why on Earth Google didn't add it sooner.

So... getting checking for updates now!

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