New platform aims to cut shadow IT use and cloud waste

Shadow IT

Shadow IT is a problem for enterprises as it leaves them open to attack but also to waste from idle cloud resources.

Aiming to cut both shadow IT and unguarded cloud sprawl, CloudBolt is launching a new platform for the provisioning and management of computing and Kubernetes resources.


The CloudBolt 9.0 platform enables hybrid cloud orchestration by allowing enterprise IT teams to build, deploy, and manage access to multiple private and public clouds. It offers multi-cloud management via a single pane and allows self-service IT, enforcing governance, managing cloud spend and security, and accelerating the hybrid cloud journey.

"We've dubbed CloudBolt 9.0 'Cumulus,' which means 'multi.' It captures the spirit of how one of our customers uses CloudBolt, for multi-cloud services across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, from one view," says Brian Kelly, CEO of CloudBolt. "Customers can now manage resources across hundreds of siloed department applications, spread across different locations, and running on different cloud platforms and technologies -- efficiently in one location -- to handle sprawl and information overload."

Features include expanded support for Kubernetes, enabling IT to more quickly and easily embrace containers and microservices architectures. It also ensures centralized and compliant access to scripts and configurations. In 9.0, CloudBolt has extended its support for infrastructure-as-code (IaC) with out-of-the-box integration with Terraform.

There are also integrations with Infoblox, phpIPAM, and ServiceNow to allow self-service IT provisioning. Management capabilities are extended to include Google Cloud Platform, with IT having deeper visibility into billing and cost-savings reporting. It comes with out-of-box integration to Splunk too, enabling IT to send logs to security information and event monitoring (SIEM) solutions for abnormal activity detection.

You can find out more and start a free trial on the CloudBolt site.

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