Quick, Windows and Linux users! Intel is removing BIOS updates and drivers for older hardware

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If you're using older Intel hardware, you should think about downloading BIOS updates and drivers for your devices. Why? Intel is removing downloads for older hardware from its website.

While there has -- as yet -- been no official announcement about what is happening, many people have noticed a warning message when they try to download particular pieces of software. It seems that a number of Windows and Linux drivers and updates are being removed as early as the end of this week.


As reported by ZDNet, people who have tried to make certain downloads from the Intel Download Center has been greeted by a message warning them that they have a very limited time to grab the files they need.

In the case of BIOS update BL0163 (which applies to motherboard models DH67BL, DH67CF, DH67CL, DH67GD, and DH67VR), for instance, the message reads:

End Of Life - This download, BIOS Update [BLH6710H.86A] 0163, will no longer be available after November 22, 2019 and will not be supported with any additional functional, security, or other updates. All versions are provided as is. Intel recommends that users of BIOS Update [BLH6710H.86A] 0163 uninstall and/or discontinue use as soon as possible.

Stopping support for a piece of hardware is one thing, and this would generally entail no longer providing updates -- but completely removing access to software downloads is something else entirely.

Clearly Intel is keen for people to move away from aging hardware and upgrade to something more modern that will be supported for years to come... but is this really the best way to go about it? Some would argue that, while Intel is well within its rights to choose when to stop offering downloads, ultimately is it home and business users who suffer. When the time comes to reinstall the operating system, or some device issue requires a driver reinstallation, it is those who are -- through no fault of their own – unprepared that will have to go scouring the darker reaches of the internet to find the software they need.

So... you have been warned. It's not clear exactly which drivers and BIOS updates are for the chop, but there's never been a better time to grab yourself a backup copy.

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