New integration lets you create tasks and reminders in WhatsApp

WhatsApp integration

While WhatsApp is primarily a communication tool, a new integration from also makes it possible to extend the capabilities of the chat app to create tasks and reminders using natural language.

As WhatsApp is often used in both the business and personal worlds to discuss a set up meetings, appointments and get-togethers, the ability to set reminders at the same time as discussing plans makes perfect sense. Like and WhatsApp themselves, the new feature is cross-platform, and can be found on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and the web.

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Many WhatsApp users will be pleased to see reminders arriving in their favorite messaging app, and fans will be happy to see their favorite tool integrating with other services. The key to success is support for natural language. By either forwarding a message to WhatsApp or sending a direct message, tasks can be created, and WhatsApp will send out a reminder in plenty of time. Moreover, everything synchronizes with across your devices.

The founder and CEO of, Omer Perchik, says:

Our users kept asking us for integrations with other apps. When we interviewed them and looked into the data, it became clear that a WhatsApp integration would be a complete game-changer. With the goal of helping people organize their life and get more done, we wanted to create a simple way for people to capture and track their tasks in the most frictionless way. With the scale of WhatsApp and the natural language technology we built in-house to make it happen – that's exactly what we did.

You can see the reminder creation process in action below:

WhatsApp demo

Although's integration is available in WhatsApp across a range of platforms, for now it is English-only. However, work is already underway to add support for Hindi, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, German and Italian.

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