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Cloud data security

Data usage and analysis are now key drivers of innovation and competitive advantage, but increased data use raises issues surrounding security, privacy and compliance.

Israeli company Satori Cyber is launching a new Secure Data Access Cloud to offer continuous visibility and control of data flows across all cloud and hybrid data stores.

"When you take into consideration the sheer volume of the data and access requests security teams contend with today, implementing proper data protection isn’t just difficult, it's nearly impossible," says Satori Cyber's CEO and co-founder Eldad Chai. "Until now, security teams have relied on a combination of highly segregated and restrictive data access and one-off technology-specific access controls within each data store, which has only slowed enterprises down. The Satori Cyber platform streamlines this process, accelerates data access and provides a holistic view across all organizational data flows, data stores and access, as well as granular access controls, to accelerate an organization’s data strategy without those constraints."

Among the key features of Satori's Secure Data Access Cloud are continuous visibility and mapping for data flows and data stores, along with activity-based discovery and classification of data in real time. In addition it offers data security through granular, field-level data access controls and anomaly detection, and compliance through continuous monitoring and enforcement of data privacy policies. It can also seamless integrate into any cloud or hybrid environment without impacting existing user and application access.

You can find out more on the Satori Cyber site.

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