Web-based Outlook will support email aliases soon

Microsoft plans to introduce a new feature to its Outlook on the Web service that provides users with the option to use email aliases when sending messages.

The company added the new feature to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap and lists it as 'under development' currently.


The description of the feature highlights that customers will soon be able to send emails from different addresses associated with an account using the web interface.

Outlook on the Web users may select one of the available From addresses when they are composing emails. The recipient will see the alias in the From and Reply To fields, and not the default email address associated with the account.

Send from proxy addresses (aliases) from OWA

The ability to send email from a proxy address (aka alias) other than the sender's primary SMTP address is useful in multiple scenarios, such as mergers and acquisitions when you need the to send from multiple branded domain names, or sending on behalf of a team or department, like [email protected] And of course, having the FROM and REPLY TO boxes preserve that alias when the recipient sees it is just as important. So to kick-off our journey to provide you and your users with the flexibility to send email using alias, we're excited to announce that soon Outlook on the web (aka OWA) will natively support the ability to choose the sender or FROM from a drop-down list right within the compose pane. And when the recipient receives that message, the FROM and REPLY TO will show that alias, regardless where the recipient's mailbox happens to live.

Email aliases may sometimes be beneficial when setting up additional email accounts using POP3 or IMAP in Outlook. Microsoft highlights the business advantages in the product description but users may also use aliases to avoid revealing their main email address to recipients or services; this may reduce the amount of spam that is received.

Microsoft plans to release the feature in the fourth quarter of 2020 to all Office 365 customers.

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