ProtonMail's ProtonCalendar beta is the 'first fully encrypted calendar app'


Privacy and security are the guiding principles of ProtonMail, and now the company is expanding beyond email. The company has launched a beta version of ProtonCalendar, a privacy-focused alternative to Google Calendar.

ProtonMail claims that this is the "first fully encrypted calendar app", and says it offers a viable alternative to the companies (i.e. Google)  that "companies snoop on your calendar and use that information to inform their advertising".


Protected by end-to-end encryption, data in ProtonCalendar is kept completely private. Writing about the new beta, ProtonMail says: "It's no secret that we're creating privacy-focused alternatives to the online services you use every day. ProtonCalendar is the next step in this process. Our calendar takes a comprehensive approach to user data security. No other calendar keeps as much data private as ProtonCalendar. As our thorough security model demonstrates, we worked hard to ensure that you have all the convenience you need from a calendar app along with the security and privacy you expect from Proton".

The company adds:

With ProtonCalendar, you can now quickly arrange your life and plan your events in a convenient, secure way. It uses the same end-to-end encryption that ProtonMail does, ensuring that no one, not even ProtonMail, can access your schedule except you.

The company also published a video that gives a glimpse at the new calendar app:

To be able to access the ProtonCalendar beta, you just need to log in to your ProtonMail account using the ProtonMail Version 4.0 beta.

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