5G has the biggest potential to create safe cities

5G network

The latest communications industry insight report from IWCE (International Wireless Communications Expo) shows that industry insiders believe 5G has more potential than other technologies to create safe cities.

Key elements of a 'safe city' are a shared infrastructure with common sensors, multi-agency collaboration, situational awareness using real-time data, video and data analytics, and automated processes.

The technologies with the greatest potential in creating safe cities are identified by the report as, 5G (54 percent), Internet of Things (IoT) / Internet of Lifesaving Things (37 percent) and artificial intelligence (30 percent).

Cost and lack availability of sites to install 5G antennas are cited as the top reasons for its delayed rollout, both on 36 percent. Lack of understanding of the technology comes in third (32 percent) and regulation is seen as the least important barrier for rolling out 5G across America, cited by just five percent.

IWCE surveyed almost 600 professionals working within the sector to benchmark the current technologies being used and technological challenges facing the industry. The report found that 76 percent use LTE (Long Term Evolution -- the technology that delivers 4G) devices and 70 percent are currently planning to use 5G eventually.

IWCE Program director Stephanie McCall says, "5G promises to revolutionize our industry but there are a number of challenges to it being rolled out. At the same time, it feels exciting to think that, in just a few years, we could see how 5G can change the world as we know it."

The full report is available from the IWCE site.

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