Integrated attack simulations help protect against cyber threats

Attack route

Security teams can often spend as much time managing security tools as they do defending against threats, and this can lead to extra risk such as misconfigured controls.

Enterprise security company ReliaQuest is introducing a new capability to its GreyMatter platform. Called Verify it uses both provided and customizable attack simulations to verify that security investments are performing as expected.

Verify attack simulations are designed to execute across customers' environments on a continuous basis. Because they are integrated with key alerting sources, they provide the most accurate picture of gaps across an enterprise's security model while simplifying analysis and accelerating remediation. ReliaQuest-provided simulation content, along with certified integrations into existing security controls, ensures actionable results even among teams unfamiliar with attack methods.

"Motivated threat actors don't stop after one failed attempt to crack a network, so why allow defensive testing to happen only once a quarter?" says Marcus Carey, enterprise architect at ReliaQuest. "Attack simulations aren't a possibility for lean security teams, or for those who can’t hire a full time APT expert or external penetration testers. With GreyMatter, Verify is getting fed the latest threat intelligence so customers can prepare for specific attacks, and identify all risk areas that could prevent an organization from seeing or responding to an attack. It's a 360-degree solution."

You can find out more on the ReliaQuest site or visit the company's stand at RSA this week.

Image Credit: Jurgen Priewe / Shutterstock

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