YouTube TV strikes out with New York Yankees

YouTube TV is without a doubt the best streaming television service, but it is about to lose a lot of subscribers. You see, the TV service has lost the New York Yankees! As a New York Mets fan, this doesn't really bother me, but there are many hardcore Yankees fans in NY, and not watching their games is a huge deal breaker.

Sadly, YouTube TV sent out an email alert to its impacted subscribers in the New York area to tell them that at the end of this month, they are losing the Yes Network -- the channel that broadcasts the majority of Yankees games. In addition, FOX Regional Sports Networks will be dropped as well.

Below is the email sent out.

Hi there,

Our goal with YouTube TV is to offer you the content you love, delivered the way you want.

To make this happen, we need to enter into deals with our partners. Unfortunately, we have been unable to reach an agreement with Sinclair to continue to carry the FOX Regional Sports Networks and YES Network.

Starting February 29, 2020, you will no longer be able to watch live, on demand, or recorded content from your local FOX Regional Sports Network or YES Network.

Please know that we do not take this decision lightly. We value your membership and will continue to strive to build the best streaming experience possible.

The YouTube TV team

Are you a hardcore New York Yankees fan? Will you switch back to traditional cable TV to watch the Yes Network? Please tell me in the comments.

UPDATE: It looks like a deal is in the works and a temporary extension has been agreed upon.

UPDATE 2: Yes Network is officially gone!

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