Google launches secret Easter Egg for Indian Hindu Holi Festival

Pots of paint

Holi, the "festival of colors", is a hugely popular event in India that signifies the triumph of good over evil and heralds the arrival of spring. It's when Hindus throw colorful paint at each other.

Today marks the start of the Holi Festival, and to celebrate it, Google has launched a new Easter Egg in its search. Accessing it is pretty easy too. Best of all, it is very fun.

How do you do it? Simply perform a Google search for either "Holi" or "Holi festival." Then, on the right side of the page, you will see three dishes of paint. If you click them, something remarkable will happen -- you can now paint on the search results! Simply click or tap anywhere on the page and you will see an explosion of color. When you are done, clicking or tapping the water droplet icon at the top will "wash" the paint away.

You can see an example above. This was done using Safari on my iPhone, but it is not limited to mobile -- it is tested as working on desktop browsers too.

Image credit: Sebastian Duda / Shutterstock

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