New threat scoring module helps security teams cope with alert volumes

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Businesses increasingly struggle with the sheer volume of cyber threats that they face. One way of tackling that is a risk-based system that allows analysts to focus on the most pressing issues.

SIRP a Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform is launching a new security scoring module to provide vital context for security teams and allow them to prioritize risks.

SIRP Security Score (S3) calculates a security score based on a number of internal and external factors such as the criticality of IT systems and threat intelligence on exploits and vulnerabilities. This provides important information to further help CISOs with strategic security planning, and provide evidence of risk to justify budgets and identify specific business areas that require particular focus.

Through a single, integrated platform SIRP provides improved security visibility and insights into the overall security posture of the organization. With SIRP, the entire cybersecurity function works as a single, cohesive unit, providing a more dynamic, complete view of incidents, threat intelligence, vulnerabilities, and risks in one place.

"Besides all the security alerts, security vulnerabilities and threat intelligence, we correlate all that information with organizational assets and risks, so that provides more context to the security analysis and provides better protection," says Faiz Shuja, CEO of SIRP. "So if a security alert comes in, the team will know that this alert belongs to this asset. If there is an attack on a business critical system we would evaluate the importance of that based on the organizational context, the asset value and the risk and provide an appropriate prioritization score."

You can book a demo of the system on the SIRP website.

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