hide.me quintuples its data limit for users of its free VPN tier

hide.me VPN

There are a lot of VPN services to choose from these days, and a lot of reasons for wanting to use one. But there is the matter of money to consider. Whether you're strapped for cash, or just want to give a VPN a serious test drive before committing to it, the more generous the free data allowance the better.

hide.me is one of many VPNs that offers a free package, and it has just announced that the data allowance for people on this tier has increased fivefold. The increase to 10GB per month is generous, but the way the free tier works means that you actually get an unlimited amount of VPN traffic for free.

Announcing the increase, hide.me says: "We can proudly say that no other VPN does it better than us. Yes, here we are with another astounding milestone in the world of VPN. We have increased the data transfer limit from 2 GB to 10 GB on our Free plan. Surprised, aren't you? It is a fivefold increase in available data transfer limit per month to users on the 'Free' tier. With no speed restrictions and a lifetime free subscription, hide.me offers the best free VPN on the market".

So, what's the talk of unlimited VPN traffic for free? hide.me is different to many free VPNs in that when you use up your data allowance, you're neither cut off nor expected to part with any money for a paid subscription. When your 10GB is used up, you can continue to use hide.me free of charge until the next monthly cycle, but there are limitations.

Ordinarily, you are able to choose which server you would like to connect to, but in the case of exceeding 10GB of traffic, you will instead be connected a random Unlimited Free server. This may not be the fastest server available, and it may not be the one you would choose, but it enables you to continue using the service for free.

You can sign up for hide.me here.

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