Google resumes Chrome and Chrome OS releases with an updated schedule

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Google announced the pausing of upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases earlier this month and revealed that it would focus development on security updates for the time being.

Today, the company released an update in which it confirmed that it has resumed releases with an adjusted schedule.

The schedule for upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases is as follows (at the time of writing):

  • Chrome 83 will be released three weeks earlier than planned previously. Google will skip version 82 completely and include all changes that went into Chrome 82 up to the day development paused in the new Chrome 83 release.
  • Chrome's development channels, Chrome Canary, Dev and Beta, will resume this week. Chrome Dev will be moved to version 83 from 82 this week while Chrome Beta will stay on version 81 for the time being.
  • The first Chrome Stable release will be out next week; it will include security and critical fixes in Chrome 80.
  • Chrome 81 Stable will be released in the week of April 7, and Chrome 83 in mid-May (Chrome 82 Stable will be skipped).
  • Google plans to share the timing of the Chrome 84 releases and branch in the future.

Google notes that it continues "to closely monitor that Chrome and Chrome OS are stable, secure, and work reliable". The company plans to inform the public if additional changes need to be made to the schedule of the Chrome browser.

Developers can find additional information posted in the Chromium Developers Group and everyone else may check the release blog regularly for updates on the schedule.

It seems likely that Microsoft's new Edge development team will follow Google's schedule closely.

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