Ontrack Remote Data Recovery service can keep businesses running during coronavirus lockdown

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It can hardly have escaped your attention that huge numbers of people are now working from home. This has placed ever growing demands on the internet in general, and numerous specific services have struggled to cope.

One thing that hasn't changed is companies' need for reliable access to data -- if anything, the higher number of remote workers make this even more important. To help with this, data recovery specialist Ontrack has announced that its Remote Data Recovery (RDR) service is ready to cope with an upsurge in demand during the current COVID-19 crisis.

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Ontrack RDR can be used to recover data from functional servers, desktops, laptops and storage devices. The service is available globally, and uses not only a proprietary communication protocol, but also 256-bit encryption to ensure the security of data. The remote data recovery team is also available to help with fixing problems such as corrupt system directories, damaged SQL server tables, lost files, and reformatted or deleted volumes.

While many businesses have been hit hard by lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders, RDR remains available and experts are on hand to help companies with their data recovery needs.

Ontrack president, Philip Bridge, says:

There is a vital need for our Remote Data Recovery service right now, especially for our government and enterprise customers who require data and mission-critical systems to be online for the public and employees working remotely. Fortunately, nearly all of our global offices are available to serve customers, even as our employees work from home. We want to assure our customers that we are here to meet their immediate needs for data recovery through the global Covid-19 crisis.

More information about OnTrack's Remote Data Recovery service is available here.

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